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Tara Duncan Volume 8 : The Maleficient Empress

  • • Young adult fiction
  • • Publication date : September 23, 2010
  • • 512 pages
  • • Size : 153*240 mm
  • • Price : 19,90 euros
  • • ISBN : 9782845634664
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    Banished on Earth for almost destroying OtherWorld, Tara is entirely cut off from her past life.

    With no news from her friends Robin the doe-eyed elf, Cal the Patented Thief, or soft Sparrow, far from her MagicGang, the young girl lan­guishes, trying to make time move faster.
    The day she turns six­teen, how­ever, ter­rible news reach her all the way from OtherWorld: Magister’s san­graves are con­ducting an attack against the heads of all the States, and against the mem­bers of the MagicGang. Several have been injured, some seem to have dis­ap­peared.
    Tara is ter­ri­fied when she realises that Magister is trying to wipe out her loved ones. He knows she’s nothing without her friends. As soon as he has neu­tralised them, he will have her within his grasp. But Magister is not the one behind the attacks. Tara uncovers a truth that is much, much worse. Driven mad by fear and rage, she decides to operate in secret: she will enter the mag­ical ter­ri­tory ille­gally, in order to save OtherWorld. Even if the only way to get there, is through the demonic Limbes.

    Love, Humour, Magic, Adventure: we are thrilled to find all the ele­ments which made the suc­cess of the young readers’ favourite spell­weaver!

    The ani­mated series Tara Duncan has been on air late September 2010!

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