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Tara Duncan Volume 10 : Dragons vs. Demons

  • • Fantasy
  • • Publication date : 27 septembre 2012
  • • 528 pages
  • • Size : 153x240 mm
  • • Price : 19,90 euros
  • • ISBN : 9782845635753
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    Otherworld is all a flutter: the Empress let the demons in!

    Using Tara’s engage­ment as an excuse, though Tara has no inten­tion of mar­rying anyone, Lisbeth offers her niece’s hand to both the mag­nif­i­cent Archangel, king of demons and Master Chem, the great blue dragon. This should be good for a fight. But all of this is prob­ably just a con­spiracy, plotted by mys­te­rious assas­sins, working in the shadows. Cal and Robin are the first vic­tims. Cal declared his love to Tara and it’s driving Robin crazy. And what is Selenba, the vampyr who answers to Magister, brewing by deciding all of a sudden to sur­render her­self, as if by chance just when the demons show up? Off to Tadix, the incred­ible casino planet, where the future of OtherWorld is at stake. Tara will have to face her des­tiny alone, without the help of the mag­ic­gang. She might have to sac­ri­fice her inno­cence…and her life.

    Ten years later, Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian con­tinues to charm mil­lions of readers the world over with Tara’s adven­tures of love, humor, adven­ture and magic.

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