An ambitious ten years plan

In their new report, the Commission for liberating French growth presents its strategy for the next ten years, as well as 27 new propositions.

Two urgent priorities are pointed out: the reduction of debt, to avoid losing sovereignty, as well as the creation of jobs, to avoid mass unemployment, especially within the younger age groups. Two long term priorities are also laid out: education and environment.

In order for this strategy to succeed, the Commission calls for general mobilisation.

“Make no mistake: the situation in France is serious. Our country is still very rich, possessing many assets. However, we must understand that it is threatened by general decline, through mounting debts, unemployment and insufficient preparation for the development of the knowledge industry. We feel that the persistent and sustainable implementation of this project is one of our last chances to ensure our country keeps its rightful status. Let’s seize this opportunity together.” Jacques Attali

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