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Chris Kutschera

Coordinated by Chris Kutschera and co-written in collaboration with 22 contributors:

– Chris Kutschera
Journalist and writer, specialist on the Middle East and the Kurds
has published numerous articles in the Monde Diplomatique, Les Cahiers de l’Orient, Al Wasat and The Middle East magazine.
“Le Mouvement National Kurde”, (Paris, Flammarion 1979)
The French reference book on Kurds
“Le défi Kurde, ou le rêve fou de l’indépendance”, (Paris, Bayard, 1997)
“Le Kurdistan, guide littéraire, Lausanne”, (Favre, 1998)

– Hamit Bozarslan,
Lecturer at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences sociales, Paris, France
Works especially on the question of violence in the Middle East.
Author of: “From Political Contest to Self-Sacrifice: Violence in the Middle East” (Princeton, Marcus Wiener, 2004);
“Histoire de la Turquie contemporaine” (Paris, La Découverte, coll. Repères, 2004);
“La question kurde: Etats et minorités au Moyen-Orient” (Paris, Presses de Sciences-Po, 1997).

– Françoise Brie
Diplome in public health and geopolitics. Director of programmes and chargée of mission for several humanitarian associations and associations for the defence of human rights (Médecins du Monde, Aide Médicale Internationale, France Libertés, Alliance Internationale pour la Justice). Has made numerous journeys for research or enquiries in the Middle East, of which more than a dozen in Iraq since the 1980s.
“Irak, An I. Un autre regard sur un monde en guerre”, Collective work, (Editions du Rocher, 2004)
“Irak: une répression intolérable, oubliée et impunie; rapport d’enquête sur la situation des droits de l’Homme”, AIJ, FIDH; Paris, December 2001.

– Faleh Jabar
Iraqi sociologist, lives in exile since 1978
Author of a reference book on Iraqi Shiites: The Shiite Movement in Iraq, Al Saqi Books, London, 2004
Has also published in Arabic:
“State and Civil Society in Iraq”
“The impossible democracy: The Case of Iraq”

– Sahil al Hakim
Member of the famous al Hakim family, nephew of the Ayatollah Mohammed Baker al Hakim, assassinated on the 29th August 2003 in Najef
In exile in London, militant for Human Rights.

– Zuhair al Jezairy
Iraqi journalist, has lived in exile since 1979
Today, assistant managing director of the daily Al Mada, in Baghdad, which has published the scoop on the bribery paid to 175 personalities on the sales of oil, as part of the 986 resolution Oil for Food.

– Emma Nicholson
Member of the European Parliament, Iraq reporter, Founder and president of the Amar Foundation, created to help the inhabitants of the Iraqi marshes

– André Poupart
Honorary professor of Law, University of Montreal, Canada
Specialist in civil and constitutional rights.

– Jens-Uwe Rahe
German journalist, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich
Has made several reports on the Iraqi Shiite diaspora in Europe

– John Randal
Journalist, ex-correspondent for the Washington Post, specialist on the Middle East
“Osama, the making of a terrorist”, (Knopf, New York, USA 2004)
“After such knowledge what forgiveness? My encounters with Kurdistan”, (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, New York, USA 1997)
“Going all the way, Israeli adventurers, American bunglers and the war in Lebanon”, (Viking, USA, 1983)

– Mohammed al Rumaihi
Professor of political sociology, University of Kuwait
Editorial writer in several newspapers
Has published many books
“Social Roots of Democracy in Contemporary Arab Gulf Communities” (1977)
“Oil and International Relations” (1982)
“The Gulf is Not Oil” (1983)
“Arab Talks; Kuwait: Words during the Time of the Disaster” (1991)
“Echoes of the Kuwait War” (1994)

– Hazem Saghia
Lebanese journalist and editorial writer, living in London, writer for the newspaper “al Hayat”

– Tariq Ali Saleh
Former judge in Iraq, today president of the Iraqi Jurist Association, London

– Antoine Sfeir
Director of the Cahiers de l’Orient
Has published amongst others:
“Dictionnaire mondial de l’islamisme”, (Plon, Paris 2002)
“Les Réseaux d’Allah”, (Plon, Paris, 2001)

– Peter Sluglett
Professor of History of the Middle East, University of Utah, USA
Has published countless articles on Iraq contemporary history
and, with his wife, Marion Farouk-Sluglett, the reference book:
“Iraq since 1958: from Revolution to Dictatorship”, (London, First edition Kegan Paul International 1987. Revised edition, Pelgrave, New York, 2001)

– Oles Smolansky
Professor of International Relations, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA
Specialist of USSR and the Arab policy of the USSR
“The Soviet Union and the Arab East under Khrushchev ”, (Bucknell University Press, 1974)
“The USSR and Iraq. The Soviet quest for influence” (Duke University Press, 1991)
(co-editor) “Russia and America. From rivalry to reconciliation” (M. E Sharpe, 1993)
(co-editor) “Regional power rivalries in the new Eurasia: Russia, Turkey and Iran” (M. E Sharpe, 1995)
(co-editor) “The lost equilibrium: international relations in the Post-Soviet era” (Lehigh University Press, 2001)

– Sami Zubaida
Iraki in exile in England
Professor of political sociology, Birkbeck, University of London
“People and the State, Political Ideas and Movements in the Middle East”, (I.B. Tauris, 1993, 2nd edition)
“Law and Power in the Islamic World” (I. B Tauris 2003)


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