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Once Upon A Time In China
New Edition

José Frèches, writer and passionate storyteller of the “country of the middle”, tells here the extraordinary story of China, its beauties and mysteries.

How to understand today’s China without taking into account its immemorial past? 21st century China’s cultural heritage has its origins in this ancient civilization of more than 4500 years old.

Stories of everyday life, legends and unusual anecdotes… In this new updated edition, José Frèches bridges the two worlds, China and our Western culture, transmitting with enthusiasm his exceptional knowledge of the Chinse history. Because we all want to know the place that this huge and fascinating country will occupy in our life tomorrow!

The book mainly follows the chronology of historical events, but there are also biographies of important people, explanations of fundamental concepts (such as Tao, Ying &Yang, for example). Thus the readers will discover a colourful and lively representation of China, both today and in the past, to better illuminate this country!


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