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Jesus, the Unknown Man

Precise research combined with the tender insight of a woman of faith.

For centuries, we have written about Jesus, his life, his encounters, his miracles… Yet, the more we know about him, the less it seems possible to tell his life story. After delving into the most recent and most well-regarded studies, Christine Pedotti reconstructs Jesus of Galilee, alternating between narrative and exegesis, and making him feel very close. We experience his teachings as if we were one of his disciples.

On 7 April, year 30 in Jerusalem, Passover was well underway and the town was teeming with pilgrims. Roman governor Pontius Pilate condemned a man in his thirties to death by crucifixion. He was accused of disturbing public order, and more particularly, religious order.

If newspapers had existed at the time, this case would have taken up a tiny paragraph in a local gazette. Today, almost two billion people believe there has never been anyone else like him and that he is not less that God Himself.


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