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Jude R

In 1970, Jude R. crosses the United States of America from East to West.

On the run from vengeful individuals, he meets Lipi, a fifteen-year-old girl who seems as lost as he is. Moody and tormented, she is also known as “The Golden Hand”, a nickname earned through her skill in Poker.

A mad chase across the country ensues. Wherever this odd couple goes, they leave a trail of bodies in their wake…
Lipi finds herself becoming unwittingly attached to quirky Jude R, even as the violence that stirs within him grows more powerful every day…

Born in 1987, Shaké Mouradian started very early to juggle with words, fuelling her writing with her discoveries. Screenplays and songs very soon follow suit, and her fascination with America in the twenties, will lead her to use it as background for her debut novel. This work of fiction is her first novel. She is currently a student in Art History.

This novel has been pub­lished thanks to the supp­port of internet users of  My Major Company Books, first web­site of par­tic­i­pa­tive pub­lishing which aims at dis­cov­ering new writers every year.


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