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Volume 3 : Code

They shouldn’t have.

They shouldn’t have taken part in this internet scavenger hunt.

They shouldn’t have tried to solve the first clue.

But it was such a great challenge – a test of their super powers. How could they resist?

But the definitely should have.

Now the countdown has begun for the Virals and time is running out. It is quite simple: there’s a mystery to solve and a time limit. If they fail, innocent people will perish. They are now running against the clock.

After Virals and Seizure, this is a new captivating adventure about the gang of friends with amazing powers who have to solve a frightening mystery in order to save lives, perhaps even their own…

Internationally renowned forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs writes novels based on her work with the FBI and in court, which are translated in almost 30 countries. Her novels featuring Temperance Brennan were the inspiration for the TV series Bones.

Brendan Reichs is a lawyer and is now dedicating all of his time to writing. He co-authored Viral, Seizure and Code with his mother, Kathy Reichs.


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