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Max Gallo

Max Gallo has always been at the forefront of a career as a novelist, essay writer and historian. With a degree in History, a PhD in Literature, and having taught for a long time, he was editor of l’Express, deputy in his hometown, Nice, for a time, as well as a Member of the European Parliament. He became a member of the Académie Française in 2007.

He is the author of many novels, collected works and essays and he always endeavored to depict the great moments in History and the spirit of an era.

Among his publications with XO are: the trilogy “Blue, White and Red”, as well as the highly documented biographies of Victor Hugo, Julius Caesar and Louis XIV which have been huge bestellers worldwide. With “1940, From Despair to Hope” he launched a series on the Second World War, finalized in 2012 with “1944-1945, The Triumph of Freedom”. Max Gallo is also the author of a history of the First World War in two volumes: “1914, the Fate of the World” (2013) and “1918, the Dreadful Victory”. In 2017, he published a history of the Russian Revolution : “1917, A Russian Passion”.

In 2012, he also published his memoirs: “Oblivion is Devil’s Play”.

His works have been translated into 14 languages.

Max Gallo left us on the 18th July 2017.
Bernard Fixot and all the XO Editions staff are expressing their sorrow at the announcement of the death of Max Gallo, their beloved author and friend, and honour his memory.

“Max will remain the great writer of the French History. For all the French readers, he depicted the great moments in their History and above all the men who made it. He had a passion for writing.
Max passed away, but he left us a monumental work that will revive him every time a reader will turn the pages of one of his great books.”

Bernard Fixot
19th July 2017



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