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1914 & 1918: two crucial years during which the fate of the World was played out

In 14 as in 18, the Germans are less than sixty kilometers from Paris. Each time, the patriotism and the solidarity of French and allied soldiers made it possible to resist the offensives.

1914: all these innocent, unaware men who leave, do not imagine that hundreds of thousands of them will die or be wounded before the year ends, and that this war, which was to be brief and local, will become the First World War.

1918: Paris is jubilant. After the armistice of November 11, 1918, five terrible years of war finally come to an end. Five years which witnessed the appearance of chemical weapons, the spread of bombing and the armies’ stagnation. And that made ten million dead.

1914-1918, a total war. With his immense talent as a historian, Max Gallo recounts it in two works reunited today: 1914, The Fate of the World, and 1918, The Dreadful Victory.

An exceptional work to understand … and remember.


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