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Cinderella goes to Hollywood

The hilarious adventures of a Frenchie in Hollywood, the only place in the world where truly anything is possible…*

Ines Valente’s dream is to work in the world of cinema. And since Ines doesn’t tend to do things half way, she leaves it all behind to become an intern in one of the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood.
Within the agency, stars are made and careers fall apart in a matter of hours. Promoted to the position of Great Boss’s assistant, Ines gets closer and closer to the celebrities. The red carpet in Cannes, the big hotels, festivals the world over, the official face of the business…

She will soon discover that all that glitters is not gold, and what hides beneath the glitz and glamour isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…
“Book your tickets for Glamour in Hell. The City of Angels like you’ve never seen it before.”

Elena Klein, 33 years old, works in film and lives between Paris and Los Angeles. Cinderella goes to Hollywood is her first novel.

This novel has been published thanks to the suppport of users of the website, first website of participative publishing aiming at discovering new writers every year.

* Hook written by Khalid Alaoui


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