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Deliver Us from Evil

An engrossing historical thriller where magic and superstition coexist alongside Catholicism and the stranglehold of the Vatican

Cantimpré, January 1288. This remote village, situated in the South West of France, has an incredible quality: children never die there. However, everything is going to change. While the young priest, father Aba, is teaching catechism, a group of armed men spills into the main hall of the rectory. Aba fights like a lion, but he is quickly surrounded, and helplessly witnesses a scene of terrible cruelty: the bandits’ chief kills one of the young children, and after closely examining their terrified faces, grabs the one who they were clearly seeking, and leaves.
To what evil purpose is this child kidnapped? Who is the red haired woman who leads the armed bandits? What is their connection with the Holy Congregation, whose methods and goals seem somewhat suspect?
Father Aba will embark on a dangerous investigation, and will slowly make their way towards a stupefying final discovery.

VIDEO IN ENGLISH – Romain Sardou



Foreign versions

Sold in 9 languages:

  • Czech Republic: Argo
  • Germany: Karl Blessing
  • Greece: Livani Publishing
  • Netherlands: Luitingh-Sijthoff
  • Poland: Swiat Ksiazki
  • Portugal: Bertrand Editora
  • Russia: Family Leisure Club (Bertelsmann)
  • Spain: Grijalbo (Random House Mondadori)
  • Vietnam: Culture and information

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