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Free To Love

July 1942.
Her name is Esther, she is twenty years old and she is a Jew.
Her parents have been arrested so she wanders the streets in Paris, lost and terrified. While having a rest on a bench, her eyes meet those of an elegant lady, older than her and who smokes long cigarettes on a café terrace.

Esther does not know it yet, but her soon-to-be encounter with Therese Duval, wife of a violent and cynical man collaborating with the Germans, will turn her life upside down.

The birth of an irresistible desire, on a background of tragedy. Forbidden love between two women carried away by a burning passion.

The two women find shelter in Dinard and under a sky full of allied bombs, will have to decide their fate: part ways and try to survive or accept to die for love.

A burning passion between two women during the Second World War.
A hymn to freedom, against all oppressions



« A powerful book about forbidden love! Tender, moving & audacious! »
Le Parisien Week-end

« Each scene plays with glances & pretenses »
Alice Develey, Le Figaro Littéraire


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