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The Lord of Charny

Champagne, 1382. When, after six years of crusade, Jacques de Charney finally returns to his land, he is astonished to discover an enormous crowd huddled in front of the castle church.

Pilgrims are flocking from all over Europe to pray before the extraordinary relic that his family holds: The Holy Shroud of Turin, upon which Christ’s martyred corpse can been seen. In order to save the domain from financial ruin Jacques’ mother Jeanne had decided to publicly display this relic that had been hidden from the eyes of the world for decades.

While he had hoped to be welcomed with open arms, Jacques is greeted with defiance and hostility from everyone. His own mother blames the downfall of the seigneury on his travels to the Far East. Pierre d’Arcis, the coldhearted bishop of Troyes, wants to forbid the exhibition of the sacred shroud. Even his intended, the ravishing Helen, has wed an old man…only his two childhood friends, Miles the exuberant Count of Brienne and Arnaut, the fiery Knight of Jaucourt, seem happy about his return.

And then a young lord and his suite arrive in Champagne to admire the holy relic. For Jacques this unexpected visit will prove providential…

With The Lord of Charny, Laurent Decaux gives us a great adventure novel in which passion, audacity and friendship triumph over death and dishonor.


“A great adventure novel (…), somewhere between The Three Musketeers and Game of Thrones (…). A little gem.”
France Bleu Soir.

“A historical adventure that is superbly documented and set.”
Bruno d’Epenoux, Télé Z


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