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Leaving unknown

A lively young woman trying to find herself.
A fowlmouthed cockatiel.
An old rattletrap.
All aboard for Hollywood!

This time, she’s really fed up! 25 year-old Maeve is about ready to lose it. After losing her job, her parents decide to cut her off so that she will take charge of her own life…
In the blink of an eye, Maeve takes off with her cockatiel Oliver to start a new life in Hollywood. Little does she know what is in store. While driving across the country, her car dies in the middle of nowhere. Here is Maeve, stuck with her bird, far from her family, far from her dream, in a small town lost somewhere in southern Arizona. A nowhere town, but maybe there are some good things there after all? Will they be enough to give up her dream of going to Hollywood?

Kerry Reichs delivers a comic dive into the heart of America and pulls us into a touching comedy with characters that are as funny as they are endearing.


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