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“- Sam, what are we going to do… you know, after?
It was the first time we used that word: after. He didn’t answer. He walked to the double window. He stood there, looking out. I scanned the horizon as well, the color of the sky was unlike anything I had ever seen before, like red clay. When Sam turned around, I saw the vise in his gaze. Two polished tin pincers, one in each eye. They closed around my throat.
– There is no after, he said. It’s always going to be you and me. Just like now.
I thought he was wrong. Love needs air, it needs to be displayed. No, not displayed: flaunted. Look at the one I love. Look at the one who loves me. It needs to be looked upon with greed and envy.
However, we agreed on one thing. For us, there would be no after. “

With Lightning, Christine Bravo tells the story of the staggering encounter of Anna and Sam, a passion which will wreak havoc in their lives, in the sweltering atmosphere of the American Deep South. A torrid and powerful novel.


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