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Love Addict

A taste of chic and sensual Paris that will please readers of The Devil Wears Prada and Fifty Shades of Grey.

A humorous and erotic journey through the most iconic spots in Paris!

When an idealistic and stubborn American finds herself thrown into the cutthroat world of a major Parisian mass media company…

Claire Carlson, a 30 year-old American living in France after leaves her irresponsible stock broker of a husband who squandered all of her money. An attractive young blonde of Ukrainian descent, she catches the eye of Philippe Lartrigue, the head of a mass media company at a party. He helps her get a job developing her romantic advice blog,, into a full-blown dating website.

On the road to success, Claire must face many obstacles, first and foremost of which is her direct superior, the handsome and mysterious Frederic Fort. For once, her charm does not seem to work.

At work and at play, will Claire manage to get what she wants?


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