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The World according to Chloe

It’s tough being a trendsetter…

“My name is Chloe Matthews (…) my whole life is one dramatic contradiction. Sometimes I’m gorgeous (on a good day, with make-up and the right clothes); sometimes I’m ugly (almost every morning, except for when I have a great tan, which is probably one month out of the year). I pretend to like Mozart and Metallica; I adore floral dresses and fuck-off leather pants. I’m what they call a child of the world: I’ve traveled enough to fit in everywhere, but belong nowhere. I’ve watched so many episodes of Cheers that I use American slang, but still prefer tomâââhtos to tomàààtows. I own about twenty different perfumes, to go with the mood and image of the day. But then, what comes first, the mood or the perfume? If, having sprayed on the sweet and childlike Anaïs Anaïs, my mood switches and I feel like a real sex-goddess, do I wash the scented body parts and replace with Chanel N° 5?

So, obviously, the best way to describe myself would be: Lost, but looking… Hard.”


“Saskia Mulder draws an abrasive portrait of the jet set.”
20 minutes

“A lightness and a thoughtlessness not inconsiderable insuch a rough world!”
La Croix du Midi

“What was only a game became a book written in a Cosmopolitan style where any woman can find her own reflection.”
Le Point


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