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Dark Grounds

Two ordinary families at the start of the new school year.
Two families where everyone hides and silences problems so as not to worry others.
At the Kessler’s, the mother has rekindled her first love.
At the Mariani’s, the father is sidelined by his company.

Two families where secrets rule.
Where, without anyone noticing, one child is gradually being wrecked by another.
Harassed, degraded and mocked daily.
Destroyed in silence and in the most complete blindness.

Two families where, apparently, everything is fine.
Until everything goes wrong…
For dark and obscure grounds.

A novel about the unsaid, the pretense, and the attention that we sometimes do not know how to give to those around us.
A relentless tale on harassment, the silence of the victims, the blindness of the loved ones, all served by a powerful and cinematic writing.


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