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No Lies Allowed

She is a virtuoso cellist. He is a famous Icelandic scientist, specialized in the brain. Laura and Erik live in Paris. A united, passionate and admired couple.

Until the party that was thrown for Erik’s 40th birthday. He is found unconscious, hanging from a barbed wire. Suicide? Attempted murder? Everything was going right for Erik, who had recently isolated a revolutionary molecule that affects the brain.

Laura’s world falls apart. What was Erik working on exactly? She discovers that he had some strange acquaintances. She is being followed. Someone is tracking her through the streets of Paris. Her life is in danger. Around her people are being killed. In her quest for the truth she finds herself immersed in a world of terror.

Before falling into a coma Erik had written a text message to Laura:

“It is no longer possible to live a lie….”


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