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The Day When

When love brings renewed life and hope to people battered down by life …..

Spring 2019 in a Parisian cemetery where Rebecca often comes to put flowers on deserted tombs and where Benjamin has just attended a stranger’s funeral.

Thrown together by a chance meeting, their relationship develops cautiously. Both imprisoned by suffering, the secrets of the past are sometimes difficult to reveal. And Rebecca’s secrets make Benjamin alternate between passionate love and a gnawing sense of worry.

Benjamin suffers from severe post-traumautic stress and is eaten away with guilt and anxiety. Rebecca has completely withdrawn into herself after experiencing a terrible tragedy, expecting nothing more from life. Both of them are adrift and have given up fighting to get back on shore.

Can love save us when we have nothing left to hang on to? Can you charm a woman when you are carrying crushing guilt?

Despite the odds, these two tormented souls learn to tame each other and to lower their defences, eventually choosing light over shadows…

A powerful book written in a mesmerising style


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