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The Chest of Souls

A deadly conflict between science and sacred.

As a young intern at the very prestigious St Thomas Hospital in New York, Dr. David Levine takes care of leukemic children. Sharon, eight years old, is condemned. David can only soften her last night by prescribing a drip of sedatives. Like every time he loses his fight against death, he is overwhelmed with a feeling of anger and helplessness.

This is why he agrees to join the obstetrics department, headed by famous Professor Emma Rosenfeld. He keeps a promise made to his wife who wants their future child to be raised far away from sickness and death.

Shortly after her arrival, a pregnant woman suddenly dies of an unknown syndrome. David accidentally learns that another unexplained death has already occurred. An inquiry is opened. If it is a criminal act, its author is incredibly discreet and inventive…

In this breathless medical thriller, two conceptions of medicine confront each other, two philosophies of science and sacred. The Chest of Souls highlights the stakes of a medicine that pushes death always further away.


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