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Erectus, The last winter

An explosive finale to a dizzying trilogy

There you are – two lovers out to admire the extraordinary meteor lighting up the night sky as it rains a shower of gold. And then suddenly, the person you love falls asleep, and when he wakes up, he isn’t the same : he thinks you’re his enemy, or worse, his prey.

From Paris to Rome and Tahiti, the third pandemic spreads, reversing time, going back to the beginning, wiping out evolution: it’s the Mega-regression. A nightmare. The angel of death descends on humanity.

There is one hope: the unusual DNA identified by a group of scientists. And there is one problem: the DNA resides in the body of a child born in the 14th century.

For paleontologist Anna Meunier, and Wuan, her partner turned Homo Erectus, it’s time to breach a powerful taboo: the one that separates the dead from the living and forbids the modification of the past.

What if the past, the present & the future were just illusions ? 


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