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Erectus 2
Darwin's Army

The return of the virus. More powerful and terrifying than ever…
The eagerly-awaited sequel to Xavier Müller’s bestseller

Everyone thought the nightmare was over: having transformed part of humanity into prehistoric men, the Kruger virus had finally run its course.

Seven years later, the world is once again in a state of terror. The erectus who were thought to be sterile are reproducing in their wildlife reserves. Dozens are being murdered daily while others are disappearing…

Who is hiding behind these deadly operations?

In Kenya, French researcher Anna Meunier tries to protect her partner Yann, who has been transformed into a prehistoric man. To her, erectus are ancestors worthy of respect rather than savage beasts.

However, the terrifying threat still looms. A secret organisation is behind a new wave of contamination.  Even worse, it is kidnapping erectus from the reserves in order to mine their extraordinary abilities.  Its aim is to create a new human race with increased powers that will control the planet.  This is the beginning of a truly hellish global combat…

Press Praises for “Erectus” :
« Beware! All nighter guaranteed! Once you opened this book, no chance you’ll unhand it! » Sandrine Bajos, Le Parisien

« A thrilling dystopian novel, […], a crazy storyline » Bernard Lehut, RTL

« You will devour this powerful thriller that can be read like a chilling speculation about the future of mankind. »  François Rahier, Sud Ouest




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