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The Forest of the Missing

Redwoods is a small, isolated town in Oregon, set between the Pacific ocean and an ancient forest of giant redwood trees.  It is also a town with a sinister record.  Every year, several ramblers disappear there without trace.

In the heart of the forest, a man lives in total isolation.  Here, he is known as The Foreigner… but his real name is Paul Green, the former journalist who had his moment of glory with the Clara Miller affair.

One evening, teenager Charlie knocks at his door.  She is wounded, panicking, in terror after having encountered the Red Man in the forest.  She believes only Paul can help her – will he agree to put himself in danger to protect Charlie?

While death roams the woods, rumour runs riot: what if everyone in Redwoods is guilty?

The story of a terrifying secret.

A cross between thriller and gothic tale, this new novel by Olivier Bal is a terrifying exploration of a clannish and claustrophobic community that is riddled with fear.  

The return of Paul Green, journalist tortured by his past and anti-hero of L’Affaire Clara Miller, Olivier Bal’s talked-about novel. In the United States, over 600,000 people are reported missing every year. They usually reappear after a few days or weeks.  Except in Redwoods…


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