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The Clara Miller Affair

The body floated up to the surface of the water, like those of the other women. Six in total… This cursed place, in the forests of New Hampshire, is known as Suicide Lake.

Clara Miller was a journalist. Like Paul Green, the Globe reporter who takes up Clara’s case; they had known each other as students and she had been his platonic love. He is certain that she did not commit suicide.

A man intrigues him: Mike Stilth, the mega-pop star holed up several kilometres away at Lost Lakes. He has transformed his manor house into a fortress where he lives with his two young children, Noah & Eva, who know nothing of the outside world.

The star is surrounded by a handful of loyal staff, including Joan Harlow, the dreadful publicist who guards his privacy and who will stop at nothing to prevent any harm coming to the Stilth empire.

Paul Green is patient, however. In his old, beat-up Ford, he unwearyingly circles the property, seeking to find out whether there is a road leading directly to the lake.

When you have everything, when you are on the top rung of the ladder, where is there left to go?

A multi-cast thriller that alternates first-person narratives by all the main characters – until the incredible truth explodes.
The dark, hidden face of fame under the bloody red carpet of celebrity.
Fame is a dream that is costly.  Very costly…


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