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The Circle

June 2010. In the middle of a World Cup match, Martin Servaz receives a call from a long-lost lover. A dozen kilometers away in the town of Marsac, Classics professor Claire Diemar has been brutally assassinated and a dog-breeder eaten alive by his own animals.

And what of the mysterious e-mail indicating that that Julian Hirtmann, the most twisted of all serial killers is back…?

Why are death and violence looming over a small university town in Southwestern France where Servaz was a student in his youth and where his daughter is now studying?

With the help of Irene Ziegler and Esperandieu, Servaz will uncover the existence of a very vengeful group and reopen painful wounds from his past. He will learn of betrayal and of depravity and will not walk away unharmed.

After the resounding success of The Frozen Dead, Bernard Minier plunges readers once again into a perfectly constructed dark and oppressive atmosphere, driven by a gripping plot, pushing the limits of the genre.

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“Strong characters and genuine-like dialogues, a dark and oppressive atmosphere which quickly spreads to the reader”.
Le Parisien

“We loved The Frozen Dead, his first novel, and it was reasonable to wonder as if he will keep the pace for the next one. He did it…”

“Bernard Minier carries on and confirms his talent with The Circle.”
Le Figaro Littéraire

“Two years ago I reviewed Minier’s debut crime novel, The Frozen Dead, which was quite exceptional. This, his second, is every bit its equal.”
Daily Mail

“A clever atmostpheric thriller from the bestselling French author.”
Sunday Times, “Crime Club”

“French author Minier’s second psychological whodunit featuring Commandant Martin Servaz shows his mastery of the creepy setup. […] The Russian nesting doll of a plot is perfectly executed and delivers two genuine gut punches at the end.”
Publishers Weekly


Foreign versions
  • Czech Rep.: Albatros Media (XYZ)
    Denmark: Lindhardt & Ringhof
    Germany: Droemer-Knaur
    Hungary: Gabo
  • Italy: Edizioni Piemme
    Japan: Harper Collins Japan
    Latvia: Zvaigzne ABC
    Netherlands: Xander
  • Norway: Aschehoug
    Poland: Rebis
    Russia: Eksmo
    Slovakia: Albatros Media
  • Spain: Roca
    Turkey: Pegasus
    UK: Hodder
    US: St Martin's Press

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