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The Cursed Man

Pain, duty and the law
Will seal the fate of two wondrous, timeless characters
A harsh, violent, entirely gripping story.

On a distant, maybe imaginary, island of the North, a young man is brought to the castle of Louvars, sentenced to live out his life there after savagely killing his own father. This man, with his angelic face and ice cold eyes, has lost all rights to evoke his past, and faces an exceptional punishment: the “Green Bracelet”, which brings unbearable pain to its wearer. And thus, the man without a past becomes the Cursed Man.

He meets the respected Emmanuel Louvars, a just and righteous master, who is burdened with the role of the Cursed Man’s keeper. He witnesses his courage, and dignified silence when faced with suffering. Little by little, they form a bond, a troubling relationship that brings with it a lot of doubt. What is Good? What is Evil? What are the limits of justice? Where does duty end and compassion begin?


Foreign versions

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  • Russia: Arabesque

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