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The Prince or the Fools Feast

An adventure story and a philosophical tale with which Jacques Chancel takes us into a fabulous and baroque universe.

Four men get in a pub. Each one has received a plane ticket for Saigon. They don’t know each other: Phoebus is a native of the Béarn, he has lost his wife and children in a car accident… Golitzine is a Russian aristocrat exile in the United States… Sonitpur is sort of an aggressive, but brave, non-believer… Faouzi, a follower of Confucius, is a mystic… They have been carefully chosen to join the realm of Rama (between Thailand and Cambodia), governed by a Prince to whom they are now going to belong.

The realm has its own rules: there, you have to run away from the conventions of the modern world, give up your own ambitions and plans, step out towards happiness and respect. The four men have been chosen because they don’t expect anything from life anymore, and to exorcize a curse threatening to destroy such a strange paradise.
When, guided by a dwarf called Bizarre and welcomed by a baron called Cambus (who is the keeper of the Secret), they reach Rama, they are embarking on a most strange adventure…

A mysterious Prince hiding his twin brother, a baron living with Picasso, Matisse and forty monkeys, traitors and sects, an improbable realm which asks for a quick rescue, two enigmatic women, some buried treasures, huge forests inhabited by tamed tigers and by a white elephant… A fantastic universe is presented in this Prince, a rich and baroque adventure story in which the borders of time and space fuse together to give birth to another reality: the imaginary one.


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