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300 Resolutions to Make France Change

In August 2007, the French President and Prime Minister asked Jacques Attali to summon a commission, whose role would be to deliberate on possible ways of making sure growth could be strong once again, liberating the energy of the French people.

For six months, 43 personalities met with hundreds of professionals from the public and private sectors, deconstructed suggestions received online, and examined experiments from abroad.

The diagnosis is clear: in a world caught up in the strongest growth rates wave in history, France is running behind. Her position in the world is weakened, and the prosperity of her inhabitants, both present and future, is at stake.

How can we react?
The Commission for liberating French growth has established 300 resolutions which can turn France around.

This report confirms it: if the country reacts strongly, and fast, the children of today will live as well as their parents do.

Before taking any action, we have to make sure our hand is steady. This text is not only a report, but a real user’s guide. These 300 resolutions, which suggest that same amount of major reforms, should all be applied together. All are essential to the success of this endeavour. As we read on, a clear picture appears of a stronger, richer, more just and free France. 


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