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Yes, Tell me, Why?

Why do lions have a large mane? Why do the characters in Star Trek travel via teleportation? Why is it so difficult to remove the plastic covering new CDs? Why can’t we understand anything when two people are talking simultaneously on television? Why are teenagers always tired? How come the indigenous people of Amazonia never get lost in the primeval forest? Why don’t bananas have seeds? How come we never run into the girls we see in magazines on the street? How come waterproof clothes need to be dry-cleaned? Yes, tell me, why….

Everyone knows these facts to be true. Nobody knows why.
Whys are grown up answers to children’s questions.
Or vice versa.
The whys can be read one by one. It’s also good to keep on reading.
They are serious questions: otherwise what is the point?
They are humorous, too: otherwise, how horrible?


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