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Homo Sanitas
The History & the Future of Health

«Health is a deeply human affair!»

More than 10,000 years ago, healthcare was frequently practiced. Our distant ancestors invented the art of dentistry, performed surgery and amputations, could tell the difference between plants that healed and those that poisoned …

In this essay Nicolas Bouzou reveals that human health does not consist solely of healing bodies. Since the dawn of time, it has also been the ability to act and to gain freedom.

Homo sapiens is a Homo sanitas. He takes care of himself and others, thereby contributing to the progress of the world…

Exploring that little-known history also leads us to reconsider on the best way of developing the extraordinary progress achieved over the past few decades as well as laying the groundwork for fascinating areas such as understanding the brain.

At a time when humanity faces unprecedented challenges, this inspiring essay gives insight into the future of our health.

“This book is a positive prediction of the future and of health.” Yves Calvi, RTL

“In this excellent book, the author does not content himself with looking back at the past. He also outlines the future of medicine in a world that is on the brink of technological breakthroughs.” D. Fortin, Les Échos


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