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A History of World War II
Volume 2 : 1941: A World Ablaze

Max Gallo brings World War II history to life, exploring the tragic years that drastically changed the world.

January 1941: Europe is reeling from the shock of 1940. The nazi plague has devastated everything in its path, only England has emerged standing.

A shocking and mournful race against the clock plays out before our very eyes. De Gaulle and Winston Churchill are convinced that the war will become global, that the United States will become involved, that Hitler will end up attacking Stalin’s Soviet Union, thus spelling his doom.

But when? Weeks turn into months, months of civilians cut down by bombings, of resistance fighters betrayed by the Vichy government, of allied soldiers fighting a war on many fronts, including across the French Empire, wherever the Free French Forces are grouped… The passing time also marks the growing abominations, the cries for hatred of those “less than human”, the first massacres of Jews in the East.

On June 22nd, 1941, German troops cross into Russia. On December 7th, the United States are struck down at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. This time, the whole world is ablaze…

In this tale, Max Gallo gives life to the voices of all the main protagonists of those tragic twelve months. Not just Churchill, De Gaulle, Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, Rommel, and Jean Moulin, but also unknown men, aware of the vital importance of their account of these events, not just for the sake of memory, but for the sake of honour.

An amazing feat, a dark and stunning tale.


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