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A Hundred Blank Pages

When a strange inheritance changes the hand a life has been dealt…

“This notebook is my heritage. Your sisters will get the rest, but believe me, I leave you my most precious possession, and all the money in the world couldn’t replace it. Remember me…”

A shocking turn of events for this young man, upon the reading of his beloved grandfather’s will: he hasn’t left him anything. Anything, that is, apart from a worn, leatherbound notebook, filled with blank pages. An inheritance of one hundred pages… And a final letter from his grandfather, telling him that the notebook is the greatest treasure a man can possess.

Had his grandfather gone mad? Very quickly, the young man will discover the secret of the notebook, a mysterious power that will change his ordered life, and bring into it madness, cheerfulness and love.

After a successful debut novel, God is a buddy of mine, 35 000 copies in France, sold in 15 languages, a new novel, both subtle and funny, full of emotion.


“A wonderful journey into poetic memory, dangerously addictive”


Foreign versions

Sold in 4 languages

  • Italy: Piemme
    Poland: Albatros
  • Russia: Eksmo
    Serbia: Sezam

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