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A Ticket to Hell

Her husband has been beating her for years. The day he tries to take his anger out on their nine year old son, she has no other choice: she intervenes, and ends up killing him. But her husband is a cop, a corrupt one at that, with the ennemies and secrets that come with it. And now, she will have to pay.

Only one thing matters to this wounded mother: to escape, run from her past, but most importantly of all, protect her son, who has special “visions” of a hellish future, unless they succeed in changing the course of destiny.

A breathtaking suspense novel, permeated with a dark and frightening atmosphere, heroes adrift, fighting for survival within a fascinating plot.

After Pleine Brume, Fatale Lumière, La Nuit du Verseau, Un Jour, des choses terribles which sold more than 450,000 copies in France, Laurent Botti gives a modern thriller that makes us shiver from beginning to end.


“A horrific thriller, and rock’n’roll writing!”
Paris Match

“It has the exact right amount of suspense, and a dash of perversity. A truly great crime novel which will make you shiver in true French fashion”.
Marie France


Foreign versions

Sold in 5 languages

  • Spain: Grijalbo / R H Mondadori
    Czech Republic: Vikend
    Russia: Ripol
  • Turquey: Dogan Egmont
    Bulgaria: Uniscorp

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