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One Day, Terrible Things will Happen…

A nerve-racking thriller “à la Stephen King”.
A very demanding thriller, wonderfully constructed and written, that awakens ancient fears in us: shadows and ghosts, mystical ceremonies, and a cursed city…

It is the first day of the mist in Laville Saint-Jour. Laville is an old town in Burgundy, which has the misfortune -or curse? -to be covered with mist, all through October into March. A thick, white, quilted mist that befalls the entire city, hiding the comings and goings, and transforming passers-by into silent shadows.

On this exact day, as the first mists descend, the life of several inhabitants, whose first winter it is in Laville, will fill with dread. Inspector Bertegui, newly promoted, will find the first body. An older woman, killed by a heart attack most probably. Then why does she have a frozen expression of abject terror twisting her features? And why is her phone line cut?

Audrey Miller, a young teacher, discovers simultaneously that the headmaster of the very elegant private school where she works is manipulating her, and that the citizens of Laville are traumatised by an old tale of murdered children.

Bastien Moreau, on the other hand, who is one of Audrey’s pupils, whose parents moved to Laville to forget the death of his younger brother, will always remember the day the mist began as the day everything… went wrong.


Foreign versions

Sold in 8 languages

  • Bulgaria : Uniscorp
    Czech Rep. : Vikend
    Germany : Goldmann Verlag / Verlagsgruppe Random House
    Italy : Sperling & Kupfer / Mondadori
  • Korea : Must Read Publishing
    The Netherlands : Mynx - De Boekerij
    Romania : Rao Books
    Russia : Ripol Classic
  • Spain : Grijalbo / Random House Mondadori

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