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Family at the centre of our life
Private life and politics in the era of globalisation

The twentieth century has been corrosive an acid. Like the monumental statues of dictators which we have seen falling heavily on the news, traditional values have also been destroyed, or shaken. After destroying tonality in music, representation in painting, chronology in novels, the principles of the Enlightenment and of the Republic have been overturned. The paradox is that such a complete deconstruction has set off a liberal globalisation, which required the liquidation of all of our most sacred ideals.

Must we rebuild ? Based on what values ? The idea behind this book is that the answer can be found in a return to private life, which shouldn’t be interpreted as an « individualist trend » or « a renegating of world affairs ». It represents, on the contrary, an extraordinary opportunity for expansion of our horizons : the truth behin a humanism finally matured, not led astray into egoism and the atomization of the social order. This unprecedented disruption takes its roots directly in the history, as fascinating as it is unknown, of the modern family, and of the marriage for love. It is with this crucial phenomenon that we have to start, in order to give ourselves margins within which to manoeuvre, and to give meaning to a policy which is finally really democratic.


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