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Help! Rescue our school!

For a period of six years, this young professor has made notes on his work in a tough high school. With total freedom of expression, and a lively tone, he recounts the unbelievable situation of teacher-pupil relations, and offers sensible solutions. An enlightening and constructive account. What is the point of school, if such chaos reigns that a motivated pupil can’t even hear the teacher? Where can these young people, whose learning capacity is clearly going to waste, end up if not on unemployment?
In the school where Sébastien Clerc is a teacher, fights are a daily occurrence, the only way to obtain peace, make the kids put away their MP3 players, take of their hoods and hats… Hardworking students are christened “fools”, and skipping class is a real plague. An enthusiastic teacher, Sébastien Clerc has slowly but surely succeeded in introducing good working conditions in the classrooms. There are solutions, but they are not always politically correct: discipline, listening, professional awareness… Today, without ideological prejudice, he calls everyone to question the state of things, students, parents, teachers, supervisors, State Education. The challenge: to save our School. This is an urgent problem, if we want a real “education” for the new generations of high school students.


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