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Into the Celine Dion Mystery

Celine Dion at last revealed

Celine Dion has millions of fans throughout the world, she has sold more than 200 million records, and yet she remains mysterious.

Denise Bombardier – one of the very few people who could be close to the great star – has tried to penetrate this mystery.

Denise Bombardier followed her for almost one year during her world tour. “I saw her triumphing in stadiums, losing her voice during a week in Australia. I shared intimate moments with her and her family. I saw her among the great men of this world, always surrounded by many people and yet so lonely”.

Along her successful world tour, in planes, hotels, dressing rooms, Denise Bombardier listened to Celine Dion’s confidences, spoke with her mother, her husband, her son, her many brothers and sisters.
With subtletly and hindsight she delivers her analysis of this hidden face of the star which reminds us the sentence by Madame de Staël:”Glory is the brilliant mourning of happiness”.


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