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Lady Pirate
Volume 2 : The Parade of the Shadows

Vengeance ! That is the word engraved on the heart of Mary Read, pirate and spy for the king of Scotland, as she sets out for Venice. Her husband, her great love, the man for whom she had laid down her arms, has been brutally murdered, and her young daughter, Ann, has been kidnapped.
But Mary is a pirate, a fighter, and she will not give up in the face of misfortune. Once again dressed as a man and full of rage, she sets out on the trail of the woman who destroyed her life, the diabolical Emma de Mortefontaine. She has only one thread to follow: a Venetian marquis who allegedly has vital information about the treasure Emma is after.
More spirited than ever and strengthened by her trials, Mary plunges into the madness of Venise, city of intrigue and masquerades. From now on, she will lead a wandering life, a life of battles, raids and high adventure on the world’s seas. She searches tirelessly for her daughter and for clues about the fabulous treasure which has unleashed so much passion.


«Set in 18th century Europe, a sweeping, breathless historical novel about the life of a woman fighter.»
Le Parisien

«Lively and fast-paced, unspoilt by cliches, Mireille Calmel’s pen sweeps us up on a journey full of adventure and romance.»
France Soir

«A whirlwind of exotic adventures, an exciting read that appeals to the best in us.»


Foreign versions

Sold in 5 languages : 

  • Spain : Martinez Roca
  • Japan : Soshisha
  • Czech Republic : Euromedia
  • Romania : Rao Books
  • Russia : Nova Littera

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