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The Cathar She-Wolf
Volume 1

Paris, November 1226, several days before the coronation of St Louis…

The impulsive Griffonelle, a 16-year-old thief, witnesses her mother’s savage murder in broad daylight. Suspicion quickly falls on Amaury de Montfort, the son of the man who led the brutal crusade in Occitanie and burnt hundreds of Cathars at the stake.

What was the reason for this terrible crime – Occitanie is far away and Griffonelle knows nothing about the Cathar religion? The young woman becomes Montfort’s new target; he hunts her down, demanding that she give him a map of which she has never even heard – a map sought by the king’s coterie that leads to a secret gold mine in the heart of the Black Mountain in Occitanie.

If she is to escape this man and survive, Griffonelle must rapidly find out what her mother was hiding – all while murders multiply among the king’s entourage and a woman’s ruthless vengeance hovers over her.

A woman whose name is forever cursed: the Cathar She-Wolf.

Murders, passionate love and betrayals 

Plunge into the heart of the mysterious Cathars


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