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The Sails of Liberty

A great action packed novel full of human and maritime adventures.

1789. In order to free his father who has been unjustly condemned to a penal colony, the young Augustin Moncellier embarks on a journey that takes him to the New World.
Imprisoned and sold as a slave on the shores of Florida, hewill face the injustice of man, but also discover the beauty of love with Stilla and an unwavering friendship with M’nongo, both of whom will succeed in freeing.

In the turbulent times of the last years of the century, Augustin will have to face many hardships and storms before he finally returns to France and is hailed as a hero by the Convention.

Society has changed, some positions have been created, while others have collapsed. What was once impossible love is no longer so impossible. But political storms are often as dangerous as those at sea, and destiny can have its way with humans…


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