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She Wanted to See The Sea

May 1944.

Jeremy, Rachel and Eloise have to leave the farm where they had been hiding for several months. The militia is on their heels: they are Jews, and their father is a scholar whose knowledge could be of great importance to the Nazis.

Marguerite, a young cripple, and Paul, a recent orphan, join them, each hiding their own more or less honorable motives.

Then begins for the five fugitives an adventure from which none will come out unscathed. They decide to follow the course of the Loire River, hoping to reach the ocean and embark for America. But the meanders are numerous. And perilous.

Among betrayals, denunciations, false friendships and bombings, they will never give up their quest for freedom.

Ten years after The Winter Children, Gilbert Bordes takes us on an incredible epic story.

A great adventure and initiation novel which takes place during one of the darkest periods of our history.


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