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The Newfoundland Violin

After The Winter Children, Gilbert Bordes delivers a portrait of the life of fishermen and the story of a man pulled between the call of the open sea and his impossible love for the mysterious Francesca.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the terre-neuvas, left Brittany for the shoals of Newfoundland off the Canadian coast to fish for cod. These fishermen lived for months confined to a boat, but paradoxically found it very freeing. The ocean, the wind, the clouds, these were their allies and their worst enemies.

Among them was Yann Bearelec, 19 years-old and the son of a doctor, who boarded the Queen Mary on the spur of the moment.

Heartbroken after the mysterious Francesca disappears, he thinks he has lost her forever and to distance himself from his father, who did everything possible to ruin his relationship with Francesca, this new adventure will allow him to start over from scratch.

He leaves with only one souvenir of his former life – the violin left to him by the beautiful Italian girl before she disappeared.

From Paimpol to St-Pierre-et-Miquelon, from Bordeaux to the Mediterranean coast, Yann proves to be a gifted terre-neuva, like his grandfather before him. His was pursuing his destiny and along with it came friendship, then love.

But will this adventurous existence be enough to contain the passion consuming him?


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  • China: Beijing Tianxue Culture

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