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On Love in General…
and Sex in Particular!

French women have sex without complex
A modern how-to do written by a love addict

Learn the pleasures of sexuality and love with lightness and humour, without any taboos, the way the French do it: without any complexes. Love in General… helps you live love daily without prejudices, without your doubts and fears…

Swinging, orgies, gang-bangs, sex toys, sexuality has evolved. In theses times, should one do everything, try everything, practice everything to be good at it? That’s not so certain! That’s what our young French writer, a bubbly and elegant woman, is trying to explain to us in her book. Simplify sex, spice up your love life, and give simple advice that’s easy to apply. Jessyca, love addict, finally reveals the secrets to love « à la française ».

Whatever the circumstances, we must take advantage of this gluttony that nature, as well as centuries of courting and gallantry, cheeky literature, French love know-how, has left us with. Because, as many famous lovers have told, sang, described, filmed, love is best enjoyed when it is light and happy.

From how to prepare for a first date, to how manage your fantasies, as well as recipe for successful fellatio, Jessyca gives a detailed account, doesn’t leave anything out, all the while keeping it light and free, telling us anecdotes from her experience, and from that of others who have confided in her. True sexuality is not that of the famous sex icons and porn stars we see on television!


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