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Volume 1 : Natalène

A family from a bygone age in an ancient house, caravans that appear out of the blue, a small black suitcase, a piano in search of an identity, and the story of a great love affair. And reigning over it all, obstinate, regal and proud, the song of Orfenor.

The day his mother abandoned him in the huge house in Blajan, Tristan sat down at the piano and played for six hours without a break. After that he never stopped.

Tristan grew up in Blajan with his music, under the care of his granfather, the rigid and flamboyant head of the family, together with his brood of five cousins, the turbulent issue of the previous generation.

One of them is Natalène – a wild creature with yellow eyes, brown-skinned and light as a bird. The same spirit of liberty, the same fire flow in their veins. Gradually the force that unites them becomes a secret love story.

But Natalène has a bohemian father who snatches her away from Blajan and Tristan every year, never saying for how long. And every autumn, suddenly, without warning, he brings her back – covered in bruises, filthy, provocative, obstinately silent about her other life. Each time she returns, she is different, so that their love is tinged with dark hues, mysterious and bewitching.


“The best books are those who make you feel vibrant with emotion. Orfenor won’t ever stop resonating in you.”
Le Parisien

“Bewitching, musical, as never read before.”

“This great book is as strong as the winds which sometimes carry human beings towards enchanted lands.”
Midi Libre

“A book that you will read in one breath.”


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