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Trapper dreams

“I don’t care about earning money, or about a career…I want to know the thrill of the immensity of the ice, I want to live like a trapper, to hunt and fish, run on the tracks, navigate the rivers and feel at one with nature. And what I am looking for above all, is the truth in people. In the great cold, at negative forty, whether we are rich, poor, Indian, black or green, we are all on equal ground.”

This young man thirsting for adventure is Rock, a loud-mouthed Quebecois and a great admirer of Davy Crockett. At eighteen years old he leaves everything behind, his studies, his comfort, and takes off to the Yukon, in the footsteps of the pioneers and gold rushers who were so dear to Jack London.

At the beginning of the 80’s his route crosses that of Kathryn, a Calamity Jane who stands up to all the macho men surrounding her. She had left British-Columbia to come and work on giant machines in a gold mine. The meeting of these two outstanding personalities.

Crazy in love and carried by the same dreams, the same quest of truth and liberty, Kathryn and Rock respond to the call of the forest and decide to live in the middle of the “bush”, in the Canadian Great North, in the manner of the “coureurs des bois”.

The incredible story of the last trappers in the Canadian Great North.
A lesson of humility and of harmony with nature.

Kathryn and Rock Boivin are the parents of two grown children. At over sixty-five years old they still live in the Yukon and their passion for the Great North is still as intense.

 “This uncommon way of living, this love for nature, these stories and the humor found in this book infused with the bush, the aroma of wood from the little stove that heats the tent in winter, and perfumed by the pine branches that make up the soft carpet upon which we have spent so many nights.
When reading about Kathryn and Rock we hear the wolves howl, we want to eat a snow partridge roasted over the fire while admiring the Northern Lights.”


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