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The Way to Rome

In 2007, for their honeymoon, Edouard and Mathilde Cortes walked 6000 kilometers on the pilgrimage routes leading from Paris to Jerusalem.

Five years later, they leave as a family – two parents and three children – to walk the Via Francigena from Paris to Roma.
They slowly move forward to the Eternal City over the course of four months taking into account various trials along the way and camping in a tent. The kids sit in a little covered wagon with their belongings, pulled by a donkey.

Walking towards St. Peter’s in Rome is like one long history lesson. The Via Francigena is provides exceptional cultural and historical heritage, equal to that of St James Way. By taking this path filled with the memories of generations past, they hope to discover and understand what drove so many thousands of pilgrims who came before them.

Their approach, however, is not only historical or for sport. Their steps are a reflection of what they want their hearts to do: grow in their faith.


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