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“Crossing Antarctica was my childhood dream. I decided to face this white immensity by following an unexplored itinerary, the longest that one could imagine: 5100 kilometers in an almost perfectly straight path with, in the middle, a terrible obstacle – Dome Charlie, a mountain of ice. And cope with the loneliness, the crack fields, the snowstorms and the freezing cold temperatures.

To succeed in this crossing, I know I will have to beat speed records so as not to be swallowed up by the winter. People told me it would be hellish, a race against death. After three weeks on a boat to get to the continent amid icebergs, the 13th of December 2016 I firmly stick my poles in the ice, my skis are parallel and a 256- kilogram sled is attached to my shoulders. For one second my heart tightens. I have a moment of melancholy. I think about Cathy, my wife, who before joining the stars, whispered: “Live for me, Mike, live for both of us”. I will no longer turn back. I will look ahead. Armed with only my kite-ski and my calves,  I am a long way from imagining the challenge ahead.”

Mike Horn

On February 7, 2017, at 22h50, Mike Horn, alone and unassisted, completes his Antarctic crossing. 5.100 kilometers in 57 days in extreme conditions that pushed him to the end of his force.

Mike Horn is considered to be the greatest modern-day explorer

“That very day I took off on the most beautiful, the most difficult and the craziest of adventures.”

“I always knew that freedom was reliant on our inner soul.”

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