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Reaching for the Sky

One Moutain at a Time

A call to live freely and to follow your dreams.

A crazy challenge: four 8000m climbs in the Himalayas, one after the other.
You only climb the mountain of life one time. You need to know how to step aside, live your dreams, not allow yourself to become imprisoned. Man should never feel greater than life. Every day I tell my daughters: by keeping your feet on the ground you can touch the stars.
He has travelled down the Amazon, followed 4000 kilometers of the Equator, and looped the North Pole during the long polar nights. He has walked over ice, crossed the desert, descended the rapids, and cut his way through the jungle.
Until this crazy challenge: to ascend, with three mountain climbing friends, four 8000 meter peaks in a row in the Himalayas. No oxygen, no ropes, in the purest form of ‘alpine style’, using only the force of will.

He talks about his deepest motivations, his inspirations: his father who, taught him, when he was eight years old, to “look over the wall” ; his wife Cathy, his Southern Cross, who recently passed away from illness whose spirit accompanies his every step.

 For the first time also this conqueror of the impossible reveals himself.

Presenter of the Island (M6) Our Bear Grylls


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